As if Justin (aka Sypster) doesn’t have enough on his plate, he’s started up an initiative to help out folks new to the blogosphere.  I jumped at the chance to help out since I’m a relatively new blogger (only a little over 2 years now) and certainly have gone through my fair share of bumps and bruises along the way.  There are over 70 other bloggers involved and I’ve already seen quite a few new blogs kicked off, so it will be quite the fun community of the new and old Smile

Even though at times I get bogged down by real-life, blogging has provided a great outlet for me as well as a chance to interact with some fun communities and honestly I wish I had started earlier!

I will probably have a couple advice articles including how I’ve set things up on my side and the tools I use but figured I’d kick things off with a couple general thoughts.

  • Start off with some sort of idea or focus – you can always change/adapt but it will help you in the long run if you have something driving you
    • For example, I write with the focus on more of the end-game aspects which allows me to not worry about covering every aspect as I know there are other sites devoted to other portions.
  • Realize that by putting your thoughts you might get someone who doesn’t like what you have to say.  Certainly there will be useful and constructive “arguments’ that are always helpful but you just have to have a thick skin against the internet ugliness.
  • Blog because you enjoy it, not because you expect to make millions or get some sweet job with a gaming company.  While those may happen, if you focus on that there’s a good chance you might be let down.

If you’d like the full list of the 70+ sites involved, Wilhelm over at TAGN has the full list, or you can just head over to the site for the NBI.

I’m very excited to not only be a part of this but to see what the various communities have to offer, especially with all the new games coming out this year!