For those of you wondering what will or will not be in Update 7 we now have a few details from the following article:

  • It is named Shades of the Past
  • We’re getting a new skirmish – Storm of Methedras
    • up on the southern slopes of the Misty Mountains
    • Free for VIPs – assuming same TP cost as other skirmishes
    • 1-12 players
    • Levels 70-75
  • Fornost Revamp
    • 4 separate instances
    • 2 difficulty levels
    • levels 30-75
  • The following Moria regions are revamped
    • Great Delving
    • Silvertine Lodes
    • Water Works
    • Durin’s Way

Some very interesting stuff, I’m quite happy about the new skirmish and the way they’re handling Fornost.  I was surprised to see a Moria revamp though.

What do you guys think?  Is this enough for this update or do you expect more?