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LOTRO’s 5th Anniversary First Thoughts


I was able to hop in for a little bit today to check things out and my initial thoughts are that I’m having a lot of fun in this festival.  The only downside is that it does take 2 race tokens and 40 anniversary tokens for the new horse, but considering how many ways you can get the tokens and that last year’s do carry over, I don’t think its really that bad.

I was also rather pleased with how they did the Anniversary gifts, as each year is its own gift box that you open.  That way when you log on your inventory isn’t overwhelmed with stuff, its basically the same as what they did for the Isengard pre-order items.

I’m really curious to go check out all the little side quests as the one in Bree was quite enjoyable to go back and explore Bree like I hadn’t done in I don’t know how long.  I also can’t wait to check out the Bree fireworks show as I was only on during the day-time.  The Shire fireworks show’s only requirement is that you have at least 3 people present.

The changes to the bar fight are quite nice too as there are 3 ways to run it:

  • Original way – labeled advanced
  • Intermediate way – no need to get the beer, but you can be knocked out of the zone
  • Easy way – just whack people without being penalized for straying outside the zone

Needless to say, this festival will keep me busy and probably side-track me from the things I should be doing, like dailies and the like…

As I wrap up, just a couple of quick screenshots of the Shire Fireworks show and some nice horses.  Rose’s is new coming from a lockbox today Smile

Shire Fireworks ShowProving loxboxes were fixed


New LOTRO 5th Anniversary Screenshots


While we’re waiting for the servers to open back up, Turbine was nice enough to give us a few peaks at the Anniversary gifts and festival goodies look like.

First up the Gifts:

Horse and RobeAnniversary HorseAnniversary CloakBetter view of Anniversary CosmeticsDrinking Dwarf

I’m really liking the horse – but where’s the rider??

And now for the festival goodies

Horse RIGHT next to FireworksGiddie Hobbit Launching FireworksFireworks Stage PerformancePie eating time!


LOTRO Update 6.1 Release Notes


While I didn’t expect this update to take all that long to hit live, I was a little surprised to wake up to the patch notes this morning.  So when the servers come back up today, not only do we have all the festival and anniversary goodness, but some juicy updates as well!  I don’t believe there’s too much in this version that’s different from what hit Bullroarer and most of the update is bug fixes, with the Anniversary featured as well.

So far this year I’m pretty happy with the update rate, so here’s hoping Turbine keeps it up – or even speeds things along some more Smile


LOTRO 5th Anniversary Developer Diary


We have seen all the goodies for the Anniversary and now some behind the scenes of the actual festival from Sleepy.

Some cool sounding stuff and I can honestly say I’m really excited for the new fireworks and the competing fireworks shows.  Both feel very LOTRO like to me and I always thought the fireworks were a little on the lame side.  The two games both remind me of the Theatre in WinterHome which is one of those events that always seems fun.

Sleepy also walks through the changes for the Beer Brawl which will work in a similar fashion to the Shrew Stomping as there will be multiple quests at different difficulty levels such that you can decide which method you want to pursue.  I’ve always enjoyed the Beer Brawl but more options are always good Smile

I have to say this is shaping up to be quite the fun event!


LOTRO’s 5th Anniversary Extravaganza


Well it looks like Turbine at least took some of the complaints from last year to heart as there’s a TON of new stuff coming with this anniversary.  I’m really looking forward to the upcoming diaries for the new quests and hub as the rewards just look amazing.  Not to mention that everyone is getting something for free with VIPs and veteran getting even more goodies.  Turbine did a good job of writing this up, so I’ll just summarize with some pictures Smile

The main article goes over the anniversary at a high level, and yes I SO want that steed!  And the cloak isn’t half bad either Smile

The new festival does sound pretty cool and I’m curious about the focus on fireworks.  I also wonder if that horse shoots them off randomly like the treasure mounts drop coins?

There’s also the video contest to win a trip to Turbine’s studios for those interested in competing and feel they’re the biggest fan.

And finally, there’s a TON of gifts coming for folks on the anniversary.  Everyone gets something, and then there are additional rewards based on how long you’ve been a subscriber.  I’m actually kinda afraid what this will do to my inventory, vault, cosmetic, etc. spaces since as a 5+ year veteran I get everything Winking smile  I was also happy to see these will also work for those who migrated from Codemasters as they will get proper credit.  Granted, we’ll have to see how that all actually works out.

Overall I think I’m most excited for the gifts and that festival horse – what about you all, what are you most excited about?

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