Sometime late in the night US or early morning Funcom kicked off their Facebook tie in for the upcoming Secret World.  Many have been awaiting this event and although I’m still working on figuring it out, here’s what I’ve learned so far.

It does require a Facebook logon, but in addition to some cool in-game goodies (cosmetics, starter weapons I’m assuming, and potions) they’re also giving away 8 trips to their Montreal studios!

In order to participate, head over to The Secret War Site and link that with your’ Facebook account.  Many (including myself) have created “fake” Facebook accounts specifically for this event.  Once you do that, every friend in your list that’s playing the game becomes an agent you can assign to try to achieve worldwide dominance.  You can assign agents once per hour, so there’s certainly a time sink aspect to it Winking smile

There are also new screenshots that you can share to further spread influence as well as a video that will unlock based on how active your chose society is.

If you’re interested check it out, and feel free to add me as a Friend, although I will admit that I am going Templar! Smile