Well it looks like Turbine at least took some of the complaints from last year to heart as there’s a TON of new stuff coming with this anniversary.  I’m really looking forward to the upcoming diaries for the new quests and hub as the rewards just look amazing.  Not to mention that everyone is getting something for free with VIPs and veteran getting even more goodies.  Turbine did a good job of writing this up, so I’ll just summarize with some pictures Smile

The main article goes over the anniversary at a high level, and yes I SO want that steed!  And the cloak isn’t half bad either Smile

The new festival does sound pretty cool and I’m curious about the focus on fireworks.  I also wonder if that horse shoots them off randomly like the treasure mounts drop coins?

There’s also the video contest to win a trip to Turbine’s studios for those interested in competing and feel they’re the biggest fan.

And finally, there’s a TON of gifts coming for folks on the anniversary.  Everyone gets something, and then there are additional rewards based on how long you’ve been a subscriber.  I’m actually kinda afraid what this will do to my inventory, vault, cosmetic, etc. spaces since as a 5+ year veteran I get everything Winking smile  I was also happy to see these will also work for those who migrated from Codemasters as they will get proper credit.  Granted, we’ll have to see how that all actually works out.

Overall I think I’m most excited for the gifts and that festival horse – what about you all, what are you most excited about?