There were quite a few updates from PAX over the weekend, although I have to admit there wasn’t anything that surprising.  However, there’s lots of game footage and view of the Ability Wheel.

As always the folks over at The Hydra Initiative had great coverage with not only some fun images but quite a long video showing primarily game time.

In addition to that video, Funcom released various recaps after each day of PAX.  A pretty good combination of fan reactions, developer interviews, and game footage.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Overall for me, I think the most encouraging thing coming from PAX was all the buzz surrounding The Secret World and especially the comments from those who played the game.  I still think Funcom is doing a good job of keeping the information coming, but holding enough back such that we’re not overwhelmed.  Although I know quite a lot about the game, I know there are still pieces and systems yet to be fully explained.  Here’s hoping June comes quickly Smile