The second patch to Update 6 has now made its way over to Bullroarer for testing and Sapience has posted the patch notes.  As always, remember these notes are subject to change and since I’ve had a horrible string of predicting when these will hit live, I won’t even venture a guess.

  • New graphics for item acquisition – this one I’ll put in the “wait and see” category as it could be incredibly annoying.  Curious if it will break UI skins Smile
  • Fix for lockbox loot
  • Various class fixes
  • Warden Fixes
    • War-cry gets an AoE threat when in Determination
    • Battle preparation working properly (not exploitable)
    • Boar’s rush only applies daze on crit in Recklessness
    • Shield Gambit Buff Duration Legacy works for ALL shield buffs
    • Terrible Visage fixed
    • Physical bleeds correctly pick up the weapon damage type
    • Multiple Warden convictions will stack in a group
  • Various Instance tweaks
  • All sorts of item tweaks
  • Fixed the annoying landmark display constantly popping up

And as always, the obligatory joke in the notes – “Addressed an issue.  This issue very politely addressed us back.  This matter is now closed.”  Not a huge patch, but certainly a very welcome one especially for Wardens.  I would expect this to hit live pretty quick since there’s not a whole lot to it.  As always, check out the notes and take some time to play with the changes.