Because of the complexity of the various different options and the high demand on the Funcom servers, there have been quite a few issues and questions on the Pre-Order.  There’s a REALLY good and developer approved FAQ posted up on the forums.  All the answers include quotes and links from the appropriate post but here’s a snapshot:

  • Pets ARE specific to pre-order option without the ability to change it
  • It is possible to upgrade to the Grand Master (lifetime sub) after launch
  • There will be a Master to Grand Master upgrade option available for roughly the price difference
  • Initiate pack is NOT included in the other packs
  • no collector’s edition
  • Currently your forum account will be separate from the game account, but that will change at launch and you will have the ability to link the two

They’ve done a good job of keeping up with the questions, so I would keep your eyes on the FAQ if you have something that hasn’t been covered.

I’m anxiously awaiting what other goodies come out of PAX…