Some interesting news today from Funcom as they released information on the Pre-Orders for The Secret World.  A couple of things jumped out for me as they included not just the game ($49.99) but also some optional Upgrade Packs.  Some of the packs are what you’d normally expect, but I think this also gives you some insight into what will be available in their cash-shop.



All pre-orders will grant the following:

  • Beta Access
  • Early Access (same caveats as other games like SWTOR)
  • Character name reserved
  • In-game XP boost item
  • exclusive in-game T-shirt
  • “Powerful” in-game pet

Each purchase includes 3 character slots, 30 days of game time, and the pre-order allows you to reserve 1 name.

Before I jump to the packs, they also released a new trailer:

I’m really curious about the whole pet and XP boost as honestly those sound like they could be kinda powerful.  Hopefully they only work up to a certain level, or maybe only in certain areas as I could see all sorts of problems there.

Then the interesting parts, there are 3 Upgrade Packs:

  • Initiate Pack ($14.99)
    • Blood Raven – flying SOCIAL pet
    • “High-end” Beginner weapons
    • Faction Leather Jackets – cosmetic
  • Master Pack ($59.99)
    • 30 days additional game time
    • 1 Extra Character Slot
    • 1 extra Name Reservation
    • Full set of 7 beginner Talismans
    • 10 Consumable Experience potions – account shared
    • 10% lifetime discount on full-priced store cosmetics
  • The Grand Master Pack ($199.99)
    • Full content of the Master Pack
    • Life Time Subscription
    • Exclusive Snake Skin Jacket

Some interesting things here, looks like most of the items are “beginner” items and will probably be locked down level wise, but I’m really tempted by the whole Lifetime Subscription option.  It has worked out amazingly well for me with LOTRO and considering it also gives you all the goodies of the Master Pack, I’m leaning that way.

Head on over to the pre-order page, but also you might want to check out the pre-order thread as there’s some good Dev interaction there, including:

  • Master and GM packs DO NOT include the initiate pack
  • There is NO Collector’s Edition planned
  • All purchases through Funcom will give you the “Cat” pet, other retailers will give the other pets

I think I’m going to hold off a bit as I really don’t like that little cat – they’re updating the pre-order page with the specifics and I’ll update as I get them.