Normally not a terribly exciting thread, but the Known Issues thread usually pops up but there are a couple of big one in there this time.

  • Warden Issues
    • The Porbad and Fist-way armour sets have incorrect stats and set bonuses
    • Deadly Insult, Efficient Thrust, and Shield Trickery trait deeds are not being advanced if the base gambit builders are used in Recklessness or Assailment stances
    • Assailment stance is using the old Conservation tooltip; this stance gives a penalty to defence, not a bonus
    • While in Assailment stance, the Dance of War tooltip claims to perform Light Damage; however, this gambit decreases threat and adds Evade Rating
    • Quick Toss buff increases ranged damage by 1.5% not 2%-6%
    • Skill tooltips are not adjusting properly when Mastery traits are equipped and when stances are changed.
  • Quest Instance in Wailing Hills sounds like it has some completion issues and you might need to use the character portrait menu to leave the instance
  • Fornost is closed as it is getting a revamp!!

Most of the Warden issues are GUI cosmetics which while annoying when you’re trying to learn things, shouldn’t really impact your play.

However, I’m incredibly excited about Fornost – here’s hoping it not only gets a Garth Agarwen style revamp but also becomes a scaling instance!

Update 14/3

A huge new issue has been identified and added to the thread – “Players in the Tower of Orthanc raid may not be able to use the door leading to the final stage of the raid.” Apparently it’s a little worse than that sounds – no one can get the door leading to the final two bosses open at the moment and this isn’t just a locks issue; the last two bosses of the raid are now completely inaccessible. There has been a blue post confirming that this issue is being looked at, but no timeframe as yet.