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LOTRO Update 6 Known Issues


Normally not a terribly exciting thread, but the Known Issues thread usually pops up but there are a couple of big one in there this time.

  • Warden Issues
    • The Porbad and Fist-way armour sets have incorrect stats and set bonuses
    • Deadly Insult, Efficient Thrust, and Shield Trickery trait deeds are not being advanced if the base gambit builders are used in Recklessness or Assailment stances
    • Assailment stance is using the old Conservation tooltip; this stance gives a penalty to defence, not a bonus
    • While in Assailment stance, the Dance of War tooltip claims to perform Light Damage; however, this gambit decreases threat and adds Evade Rating
    • Quick Toss buff increases ranged damage by 1.5% not 2%-6%
    • Skill tooltips are not adjusting properly when Mastery traits are equipped and when stances are changed.
  • Quest Instance in Wailing Hills sounds like it has some completion issues and you might need to use the character portrait menu to leave the instance
  • Fornost is closed as it is getting a revamp!!

Most of the Warden issues are GUI cosmetics which while annoying when you’re trying to learn things, shouldn’t really impact your play.

However, I’m incredibly excited about Fornost – here’s hoping it not only gets a Garth Agarwen style revamp but also becomes a scaling instance!

Update 14/3

A huge new issue has been identified and added to the thread – “Players in the Tower of Orthanc raid may not be able to use the door leading to the final stage of the raid.” Apparently it’s a little worse than that sounds – no one can get the door leading to the final two bosses open at the moment and this isn’t just a locks issue; the last two bosses of the raid are now completely inaccessible. There has been a blue post confirming that this issue is being looked at, but no timeframe as yet.


Community Take on Wardens in Update 6


Due to a crappy hotel connection and Bullroarer coming down early (again) I didn’t get nearly as much time with the new changes as I would’ve hoped.    However, the forum community has been quite vocal about the changes so I wanted to pull together some of their thoughts while I attempt to piece mine together.

From a first glance and the little play-time I had, the changes look pretty good.  For the most part, we came out of this update better then we were, but many are still concerned about our viability as an end-game raiding tank.  For that part, I think we’ll have to see how groups on Live fair, but in many other areas, the Wardens have been improved.

Two quick points that I wanted to stress:

  • Make sure you visit the Warden Class Trainer!  The new Assailment gambits (ranged gambits) are waiting for you and you have to learn them before you can use them
  • Like other revamps, it looks like Orion did a great job of evening out the leveling curve, especially when it comes to the Masteries.  So while I tend to mainly focus on the end-game, this is a good update for leveling Wardens as well.

Orion has been pretty good about keeping us in the loop, but if you haven’t read it already it probably would be a good start to check out the recently released Developer Diary on the update.  There is some decent discussion in the official feedback thread, but I think much of the debate has been going on in some of the various other threads that popped up once Update 6 hit Bullroarer.

Harperelle had a pretty good summary post which walks through the good news and bad news of the Update, which touched off some good discussions.  For the most part I agree, although I’m not sure how big the “nerfs” are that she mentions (threat change, and Master of Spear change).  However, I think it is pretty universal that the biggest concerns are around what she points out as not getting – mitigation and BPE cap changes.  We did get all sorts of new things and quite a number of them that do stack so testing them thoroughly can be a bit challenging but I’m sure there will be many posts and test from people running instances and raids with their new builds.  In a follow up post, Harperelle does a great job of outlining and showing some of the new stacking buffs we get with their appropriate durations.  One thing is for sure, Warden’s will definitely be incentivized to keep active and vary up their rotations!

And to continue the trend of linking to Harperelle’s good posts, she put up 2 other amazing posts explaining how things change based on your stance.  For the most part, gambits continue to do what they always have done but obtain slight tweaks or buffs depending on what stance you’re in.  The biggest changes come from the Determination (tanking) stance and Assailment (ranged DPS) stance and Harperelle was nice enough to take TONs of screenshots of all the gambits and what they do.

I don’t think these have changed terribly since Orion’s blog posts which I put together some tables for showing how the gambits will change based on your stance:

No matter how you look at it, the class has changed and for me this is still overall a very positive thing for the class.  While maybe our main role wasn’t buffed as much as some would like, I think the introduction of solid secondary roles will help us out quite in the long run.

As for those wondering how to best get adjusted to the new class, I suggest taking some time to read through the changes, and then hop into an easy skirmish (after you see your trainer) and play around with your normal rotation switching up your stances to see how things change.  As you fight, make sure to pay attention to not only your bars but also the bars of your enemies and continually mouse-over pop-ups to see what’s going on.  While doing this, I’d suggest easier pulls such that you can pay attention to what’s going on without having to worry about dying Smile


Update 6 – Shores of the Great River Patch Notes


While you update the game (the patch servers are live) and wait for the game servers to come live, head on over to check out the Official Patch Notes.  There are quite a few of them, although nothing jumped out at me as different from what we saw over on Bullroarer.

Take a look over on the Lorebook.

If you’ve missed any of my Update 6 posts, I’ve collected them all under the appropriate tag.

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