Orion has the second part of his Warden updates posted and this walks through the Shield and Spear line gambits.  If you missed Post #1, head over here :)  As a follow-up to that post, Orion also responds to some of the comments on the forums as well:

  • Clarification on buff Tiering
    • Essentially higher tier buffs have shorter duration, but bigger magnitudes.  But, if lower tier is active that duration is used instead.
  • BPE bonuses for builders are partials
  • Sadly War-cry is just a normal HoT, not an AoE HoT
  • Fist gambits will also be ranged, but AoE gambits will still be close proximity
  • Way of the Warden isn’t a stance, but a stance buff – see below :)

Here’s the gist of Post #2 from Orion:

Gambit Always Determination Assailment Recklessness
Defensive Strike Low Weapon + Potency Increased Block Rating Threat Reduction Increase Physical Mastery
Impressive Flourish Low damage + low DoT Low HoT + crit defense + armor +1% Ranged Damage Minor Light DoT
Persevere Low Weapon HoT + Block & Partial Block Minor Lifetap Minor DoT
Maddening Strike Main-hand Damage Small Threat Transfer + crit defense + armor +2% Ranged Damage (stacks to 3%) Low Light DoT
Safeguard Low Common Damage HoT + Block & Partial Block Threat Reduction + Lifetap DoT
Shield Up ?? :) +BPE for 30s Fellowship Agro Dump Reflective Damage Shield +% slow
Deflection Decreased Threat
Celebration of Skill Main-hand Damage HoT + Block & Partial Block +3% Ranged Damage (stacks to 4%) DoT
Dance of War Increased Evade Moderate Threat Transfer + crit defense + armor Threat Reduction Lifetap
Shield Tactics +Tactical Mitigation + Stun Immunity On Crit, Daze for 3 seconds
Shield Mastery ?? :) +BPE for 60s Large Fellowship Agro Dump Reflective Damage Shield +% slow
Restoration Main-hand damage + HoT
Conviction AoE Heal AoE Threat Transfer, AOE HoT Nearly Negates Fellowship Threat for 10 seconds 10s +Physical Mastery Buff

I really like what’s going on with the shield line, especially with all the buffs and threat mechanics going on.  I also like the continued way he’s incorporating stacking of tiers as you go along.  It is really looking like the Assailment stance will be quite handy for group mechanics and will allow the Warden to do some fun Agro tricks :)

Continuing on with the Spear line, remember these turn into Ranged attacks if you’re in the Assailment stance.

Gambit Always Determination Assailment Recklessness
Deft Strike Low Main-hand + Potency
Offensive Strike 2 Minor Main-hand Increased Threat DoT (Assuming) Nominal Pulsing Lifetap
The Boot Low Main-hand + Interrupt 25% Daze 25% Root DoT
Power Attack Good Main-hand + Harder to Block Applies Low DoT
Combination Attack 2 low Main-hand DoT (stacks with Offensive)
Onslaught 3 low Main-hand + Interrupt
Mighty Blow Good Main-hand + DoT + Difficult to Parry DoT (stacks with Power Attack DoT)
Wall of Steel 3 Main-hand + Interrupt +Parry Reflective Damage Shield Reflective Shield + chance restore 2% power on hit
Boar’s Rush Main-hand Chance to Daze DoT (Stacks with Combination) KD chance and Refresh Crit Strike
Adroit Maneuver Main-hand + 20% Attack Speed Buff
Unerring Strike Good Main-hand HoT DoT DoT (stacks with Mighty Blow DoT)
Warden’s Triumph Great Main-hand + 10% damage
Dark Before Dawn 2 Good Main-hand + power + PoT

It appears as though the DbD morale requirement might be gone, if so that would be HUGE for Wardens, although I’m expecting the power return to be significantly lower.  Overall this line doesn’t seem too different with just some nice additions.  Of course, being able to do this stuff from range will be quite interesting, that’s for sure!

Finally, Orion does touch on two of our Legendary skills and probably the two most controversial ones:

  • Defiant Challenge
    • 5s Forced Attack
    • 40% Mitigation Buff for 15s
    • Reflective Damage Shield for 30s
    • 3 minute 30 second cooldown
  • Way of the Warden
    • Enhances stances with bonuses for 180 seconds
    • 600 seconds (10 minute) cooldown.