One thing I never understood once Turbine came out with the LOTRO store was why I couldn’t pay for the various “normal” micro-transactions through the store with my Turbine Points.  Well I’m quite happy that Turbine has finally figured this one out and put many of their “Paid Services” available for purchase via Turbine Points.  Full details are available in the FAQ, and for now you still have to submit a ticket and go through that process as opposed to just buying off the store.  But that makes some sense as they do need a little information from you :)  Here are the specifics:

  • Character Transfer (still not between EU and NA servers) $24.95 or 2,995 TP
  • Character Un-delete $19.95 or 2,395 TPs
  • Kinship Renames $12.95 or 1550 TPs

I was kinda hoping they’d fall closer to the 1$ per 100 TP price range, but these still are a nice option for folks.

Has anyone been saving up their TP for this specific purpose?