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Turbine talks 2012 Plans for LOTRO


Right on the heels of the Riders of Rohan Expansion announcement, Massively released an article with comments from Kate Paiz and Adam Mersky talking about the upcoming year.

The article starts off with a bit of a look back at 2011 and I think it is fair to say the whole EU transition took up way more time and resources then Turbine expected.  Is this to blame for the “down” year for content?  Who knows, but certainly it loomed large for them.

2012 is another milestone year for Turbine as it will mark the 5th anniversary of the game (Holy cow has it been that long?).  There will be another event and even though they’ve acknowledged that last year’s wasn’t well received it doesn’t sound like there will be major changes for this year, just some tweaks to it.

Teased in the interview is talk of the next region coming with Update 6, The Big River named for the River Anduin.  This should be another fun area to go explore as there isn’t a whole lot written about it but we know there’s quite a bit going on there.  Also coming with Update 6 are changes for the Instance Finder:

  • Ability to run specific Instances
  • Instance Finder will replace World Join
  • Reflecting Pool will roll into the Instance Finder
  • not to mention the much anticipated Warden changes :)

A few things teased that will be coming “soon” are:

  • skirmish soldiers out in the landscape as companions
  • new festival for the summer
  • smaller more frequent game updates!

The couple teasers for Rohan are:

  • We’re only covering the Eastern part, which explains why no Helm’s Deep
  • Don’t fret, land-mass wise this will be twice as big as Moria!
  • Mounted combat will be confined to that zone (I’m on a roll with predictions so far)

This is exactly the kind of Producers letter I was hoping for towards the end of last year, so I’m glad they finally pushed it out the door.  Things are looking up for LOTRO that’s for sure, can’t wait to get moving on some of this stuff!


Next LOTRO Expansion – Riders of Rohan



Today Turbine came out with another big announcement – the next expansion will happen in Fall of 2012 with the introduction of the Riders of Rohan!

Coming with the expansion are:

  • Increased level cap
    • new skills and deeds on to Level 85
  • Mounted Combat
  • Iconic locations like Amon Hen and Fangorn Forest!

Holy cow, I really didn’t expect this announcement this early but I have to say I quite expected it.  Although I was wrong on the whole level cap thing, I did nail Rohan, the timing, and mounted combat in my last podcast episode :)  The only downside is that I see no mention of Helm’s Deep :( so I’m not sure if we’ll see that battle yet or if we’ll have to wait.

What do you all think?


Character Transfers and More with Turbine Points


One thing I never understood once Turbine came out with the LOTRO store was why I couldn’t pay for the various “normal” micro-transactions through the store with my Turbine Points.  Well I’m quite happy that Turbine has finally figured this one out and put many of their “Paid Services” available for purchase via Turbine Points.  Full details are available in the FAQ, and for now you still have to submit a ticket and go through that process as opposed to just buying off the store.  But that makes some sense as they do need a little information from you :)  Here are the specifics:

  • Character Transfer (still not between EU and NA servers) $24.95 or 2,995 TP
  • Character Un-delete $19.95 or 2,395 TPs
  • Kinship Renames $12.95 or 1550 TPs

I was kinda hoping they’d fall closer to the 1$ per 100 TP price range, but these still are a nice option for folks.

Has anyone been saving up their TP for this specific purpose?

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