Sapience today put up quite a lengthy post on the armor store issue today, and while there’s quite a bit of PR-speak in there he does address a couple issues.  I honestly don’t think this will change anyone’s perception of things, but at least this is a post from Turbine acknowledging the issue and admitting that they went a bit too far.

First off, he pretty much admits that they never intended to say “we’ll never sell armor in the store” like many are upset about.  I imagine many will take issue with this statement, but as I talked about earlier (my podcast discussion) I firmly believe they were planning this all along.  Not to mention that he also references DDO (just like the Massively interview) which further reinforces my belief that they just poorly communicated their intentions from the start.

The area he admitted fault was in that the current gear is a bit too good for the level, which I can understand that they wanted it to have value such that folks would buy it – they just went a tad too far in the good direction.

Now he does emphatically state they will NOT sell end-game gear, which I find interesting that he says that and not raid gear, as that leads me to believe we won’t see gear much higher then the current level sets.

However, I think the most exciting part of the whole thing is the last paragraph concerning communication as I believe this is an area that Turbine has had a huge issue with and I’m hoping to get more chances to chat with them about the game.

What do you all think about this post from Sapience?