Notice the name change for this update, which makes sense for me as it is a bug-fix patch for Update 5.

The Known issues are up first with a few:

  • Skill Cooldowns are not resetting for the Kalbak fight in the Tower of Orthanc
  • Quest log is not displaying challenge rewards
  • Whipmaster can fall into holes in the floor during the Pits of Isengard instance
    • I still can’t figure out why this continues to be such a problem :(
  • Using HIPS or Still as Death after Andreg detonates the cauldron out in the Tribunal of Shadows Dunland quest will bug the quest
    • easy solution – don’t do it :)
  • There are a couple issues with Champion Legendary Item Legacies:
    • Blade Line Area Damage Power isn’t working at all
    • Incoming Healing Rating Legacy has issues when maxed before a reset as it won’t properly show in the LI panel, but is correct in the character panel – not sure if this prevents you from re-leveling that legacy though
  • Volume 1 Book 1 Chapter 7 – a crebain might get stuck in the second wave.
    • This could probably be the worst of them all – how long has this quest been in the game?  And for it to be SO early on, how frustrating would that be for a new player?!
  • For you deed hunters, “Long Road of the Hobbits” and “Exiles from the Lonely Mountain” won’t trigger if you’re mounted

Not only does this seem like a big list of known issues, but there are some pretty big ones here.  Here’s hoping we update 5.2 SOON!!

As for the Patch Notes, and by the way – is anyone else annoyed that they show up on the Lorebook which has zero notification on it?  At least put up a blue thread such that we can find them.  This is mainly a bug fix patch, and there appear to be quite a few for the various instances:

  • Fixed issues with the “Enable Movement Assistance” feature for both melee and ranged
  • Corrected some typos, but admitted they probably added more
  • Fixes for Minstrel Codas to do more damage and no longer strip all Minstrel Buffs
  • Creep armor values have been corrected
  • Whole long list of stuff for Tower of Orthanc
  • Draigoch apparently has had a lobotomy to prevent him from going brain-dead
  • Lots of Fixes for The Foundry and Dargnakh Unleashed instances
  • Rewards for Attack at Dawn, Battle of the Way of Smiths, Stand at Amon Sul, Siege of Gondamon, and Rescue in Nurz Ghashu have been slightly increased
  • Slight decrese in the rewards for Breaching the Necromancer’s Gate
  • Defender rewards (think Trouble in Tuckborough) will properly work including granting medallions sometimes
  • WAHOO – timestamps in the chat windows!
  • auto-dismount while attempting to process a crafting node!
  • Exchange vendors for the Moria rep items are available
  • Some instance finder tweaks, including following your ignore list!

Overall some nice stuff in here, seems like they got some good bug stomping done in the various instances and added some VERY nice quality of life improvements too.

What all jumped out at you?