I’ve been pretty quiet lately and that’s mainly due to a lack of playing time with real life and a packed holiday schedule.  But the end of the year usually is a pretty quiet time anyway, so there really wasn’t all that much to write about anyway ;)

I just wanted to toss out a quick post letting folks know what I have in store to kick off the new year:

  • Quick LOTRO Lua fix I stumbled upon
    • Hint – it pertains to TonicBars and Update 5
  • Re-cap of the little gaming I’ve been doing including LOTRO and Civilization 5.
  • Look back at 2011 and looking forward to MMO land in 2012
  • I have 3 episodes to finish editing of The Secret War Podcast, including an interview with Funcom Community Manager Morteia
  • Getting Sally Forth back on track with probably a look back and look forward episode.  Also, hopefully I’ll get a chance to chat with Turbine here soon.
  • Also getting back in a normal schedule with LOTRO Reporter
  • Hopefully I’ll also be getting a new computer here sometime soon which should help remedy some of my frustrations of late.

Other then that, here’s looking forward to a fun filled 2012!