We got a little peak behind the scenes of the upcoming (still no official date) Yule Festival in today’s Dev. Diary.

One thing I did want to point out is that I appreciate seeing that some of the “newer” devs have worked their way up the ranks from places like the QA team, as Pinion mentions in his intro.

I’m happy to see they’re taking some time to fix some of the issues with the festival and not just refreshing the broken portions.  My biggest issue was with the snowball fight in that it just never seemed like there were people around to do it, maybe then need to add it to the Instance Finder ;)  I’m not sure why that event didn’t attract folks like the others, but maybe the debuff tweak will help out that event.

There are a few new things making it into the festival which is always welcome!  Pinion didn’t provide too many details, but I like the idea of continually adding new social fun to the game in addition to all the other content they’re adding.

And finally, I have to say the new horse does look pretty darn cool!

New Yule Horse