Given the christmas season and upcoming holidays, this will be my last column for the year. I’ll aim to return to posting in approximately mid-January. I was going to use this post as an opportunity to link some of my past posts for people who might be new to the column, and also solicit some feedback. I hope you’ll also forgive me a little indulgence too, I thought I’d go back through my screenshots and give a bit of a slideshow of my lore-master over the past year or so.


I introduced this column just on four months ago in August and have written 29 (!) posts since then. The aim of the column since the start been to write about end-game play from a lore-master persepctive, both to give tips to existing lore-master players and to educate others about the class and various end-game issues.

Some of the posts have been about specific issues or gear or patches, while others have been of a more general nature, giving my opinions on something fundamental about the class or game mechanics. I thought I’d link some of the latter type for people who might be newer readers of the column:

  • What does a lore-master do part 1 and part 2. Two-part post looking at the 4 different trait setups you might use as a lore-master.
  • How to do damage as a lore-master. Basic message: stand in melee range and hit stuff!
  • Controlling a crowd. A basic overview of our CC and some more advanced tips.
  • Taking ‘support class’ too far. Sometimes lore-masters (and other support classes) need to stop doing all the fancy unique stuff that they could do and just get on with the business of killing the bad guys.
  • Legendary items guide. Overview of what legacies to look for and what items to make in the post-Isengard environment.
  • Soloing old group content part 1 and Part 2. These posts giving a bit of an outline as to what old group content lore-masters can solo at level 75 generated a bit of interest.

I definitely plan on continuing with the column next year, I’m enjoying writing it and am a little surprised that I still have heaps of column ideas remaining. The first few posts next year will hopefully be about the instances and raid in update 5 (although I have a nasty feeling the sw:tor-pocalypse might make getting together a decent raid group on my server a little bit tough unfortunately). I’ve also got a post on the will vs fate stat choice, a general overview of pets (I’m wanting to collect quite a bit data for this which is why I haven’t yet done it – the fact that the training dummies are broken and keep booting you out of combat hasn’t helped) and an updated tactical gear guide.

I would really like to get some feedback from any of you that reading this about the column! Don’t be afraid to comment, you don’t need to log in and it’s easy to do. In particular, I struggle a bit with the level of detail to go into and how much knowledge I can assume. While I’m obviously writing something a bit more in depth than a forum post, I’m not trying to write massive essays in my post (I’m aiming for about 1500-2000 words) so it’s a balancing act as to how much detail I can write up and how much background I can explain. I’d be interested in people’s thoughts on the length of the column and whether it seems to be assuming too much or too little knowledge, though I realise this is going to be largely a matter of personal opinion. I’d also like to know whether people who aren’t lore-masters still find the columns interesting at all. Also, of course, if there’s a particular topic you’d like to see me go into then please let me know and I’d be happy to address it in a future post.

Levelling slideshow

As I mentioned in my first post, I’m new to LOTRO (and MMOs) with F2P so I’ve only been playing for a little over a year. I thought I’d take a look back over my old screenshots and put together a little slideshow of the lore-master levelling journey. If anyone’s interested in sending me any cool or interesting lore-master screenshots they have (psychobabblelotro at then please do, and I’ll look to include them in a future post.

I wandered into evendim at about level 15 and wondered why I wasn't doing any damage to all these purple mobs!

Smoking in bree

The Gandalf-wannabe stage

My favourite hat ever

Mmmm Angmar, so purty.

I still can't decide whether the helegrod set was really ugly or I just got sick of it after seeing it on every 65 lore-master I ran into.

DN shoulders are epic looking

Ost Dunhoth is the most fun I've had in the game so far, was a seriously great raid with so much variety in its fights.

You. Shall. Not. Pass! Oh, you're just standing there. Don't mind me.

Big, black and buggy. I could add another "b" word there. Rhymes with "snoring".

Anyway, hope you don’t mind my self-indulgence there, cya next year!