I know many, including myself, have been wondering how all these marks, medallions, and seals will work out and how our current stuff will transition to the new.  Luckily Zombie Columbus puts it all out for us with a nice Q&A section to describe all the new currency changes coming with Update 5.

Overall I like the goal of consolidating and unifying between the new instances, the old scalable ones, and skirmishes.  I think the biggest concern so far is with the availability of seals which are needed for the top tier armor sets.

For the three items, here’s the breakdown:

  • Marks are what we used to call Skirmish marks and everything concerning them hasn’t changed, including the spending of them for our skirmish soldiers.
    • All Exchange marks (Guardsman’s Mark, Esquire’s Mark, etc) will convert to Marks
    • Annuminas armor barter pieces will also convert to Marks
  • Medallions are the new unified “bonus” mark we used to get that include things like:
    • Skirmish specific Campaign Marks
    • Scalable Instance Marks
    • Numbered Marks (1st Mark, 2nd Mark, etc.)
    • Various other armor piece trade-ins for things like Annuminas and Helegrod

For your Superior 4th Marks, you will have the option to trade them for either Seals or Medallions, but I believe Seals are the better route to take there.

As for obtaining these three, here’s the breakdown:

  • Marks
    • High drop rates in skirmishes
    • Moderate in Scaled Instances
  • Medallions
    • Low in Skirmishes (mainly from Encounters)
    • Moderate from Scaled Instances
    • High from the new Isengard Cluster
  • Seals
    • Low from Scaled Instance Challenge Quests (6 man and larger)
    • Moderate from Skirmish and Scaled Instance weekly Raid quests
    • High from the Isengard Instance bi-weekly quests (all sizes)

BIG thing to note here, ALL sizes of those Isengard bi-weekly quests will provide seals, so there is a way for smaller groups to obtain these sets, it just will take them a bit longer to get.

There’s a paragraph in there regarding the Instance Finder and dailies, and while I’m not 100% sure what’s going on specifically it sounds as though you won’t be punished for doing the same instance multiple times in a day.  Granted, I don’t think you get the daily reward each time :)

Another interesting move was to remove the daily limit on the Classic Scaled Instances such that you can farm them to your eyes bleed if you want.  3-man instances will reward you with Medallions while 6 and 12 will provide Seals.

The rewards from the daily Skirmish quests (marks, gold, and reputation) have essentially been moved from the daily part to just included in the Skirmish quest.  For those of you looking to farm reputation, this looks like a potentially viable way to do it!

There’s a LOT in that diary so I certainly suggest everyone check it out as I think ZC did a great job of laying all this out and explaining it.  For the most part, I think this will work out better for everyone and I know Turbine will keep an eye on things as usual.  Remember the major changes to the Ost Dunhoth raid armor sets?  If things don’t go how they want for these currency changes, I would expect something similar.