One of the less talked about changes with Update 5 comes in the form of some tweaks to the Reputation system, and mainly in the way the turn-ins are handled.  Like the previous Instance Finder diary, this does function more as a Q&A but a little more beef in it.

Essentially all the various items that previously you had to turn in to some guy somewhere, they’re now consumable!  So you just use the item from your inventory and poof you have more reputation!

Sadly NPCs whose sole purpose was to collect these items have been removed from the game :(

A couple other things to point out:

  • You will only be able to use items up until Kindred
  • There will be items specifically for the Moria Guard and Miners such as to not cause confusion.  Not real sure what’s happening to the existing ones.  If you’re concerned, this is one of the questions in the discussion thread.
  • Crafting guild reputation isn’t changing at all

Overall this is one of those little changes that just makes things easier, not a game breaker but contributes to the overall enjoyment of the game.