I’ve had a couple questions via email and twitter about this interview, so I wanted to put up a quick post on what happened.  I compiled my list of questions with those from the various places I posted about it and then more or less filtered out the ones I knew other sites were going to be covering.  Pretty much I tried to go in a different direction and not ask the same things everyone else was, just like my previous interview.  However, as it turns out all the things I wanted to talk about aren’t what Turbine is interested in talking about at this time.

Now don’t fret that you won’t be able to hear anything on what’s coming as I did team up with Chris to talk with Aaron “Rowan” Campbell for the interview we did over on LOTRO Reporter if you want to check that out.

I’ll keep folks updated on when Turbine wants to chat about what all I (and you guys) was (were) interested in.