A new location reveal was posted today over at Gamespot UK which again teases us with the background and depth for some of the areas in The Secret World.  This location revolves around Egypt and the return of the Biblical Plagues.  That means the return of locusts (and some quite big), death, corruption, the dead rising, cats and dogs living together, all the worst parts of the apocalypse stories.

We also get to see some more gameplay footage to see how some of the skills and abilities play together as we listen to the back-story.  One thing that jumped out was the climbing of the ladder by the water well which brings up all sorts of potential positioning aspects that will be fun to work out.  Looks like a pretty nice sniper spot for sure!  Certainly Funcom is concentrating on not only the stories and the visuals, but the voice-over work is also very important as Morteia mentioned in our interview (which should be up in soonish).

I’m just jealous of all those who get to play this game and luckily now we’re just a little over 4 months out from launch!