While not 100% the issue of why I’ve been quiet lately, certainly Thanksgiving has been a pretty big part of it.  Probably my favorite food holiday, with people coming over this year, we had to do a little more prep work to get ready for things.  Combine that with a needed time of relaxation and a couple things I’ll get to, I haven’t had the time or desire to write much.

Before I get into what else has been going on, I do have episodes recorded that I still need to get edited for both of my podcasts.  I also will be recording new episodes this week, as well as doing interviews with the developers of both.  So there should be a few new episodes coming out soon :)

One of the biggest issues I’ve been running into lately that I’m really struggling with is my computer is just really not working well at all.  I’m having pretty frequent times of frame rates measured in seconds per frame (even at the lowest quality), which is never a good metric.  Needless to say, I’m actively looking around for decent priced smaller (~15”) laptops if anyone has any good suggestions or recommendations.

I also did get a chance this weekend to check out The Old Republic, and it did exceed my expectations but also confirmed my plan for this game.  I played quite a bit (close to 10 hours I’d say) even with times of horrible performance and hit level 13 before the end of the event as well as checking out a couple other classes.  I really did enjoy the stories and appreciated how different the classes not only played but how their stories varied.  However, for me I’m still in a position that LOTRO is my main game (until April, maybe) and as such will be looking at SWTOR as potential after the New Year single player game.  Looking at it that way will help better curb many of my issues and concerns with the game, while still enjoying it and being in a better place in case Bioware does in fact prove me wrong.

I will do a longer post on my thoughts for SWTOR but I’m not going to focus on it too much as many are covering it much better then me.