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Better Hurry to Bullroarer for Update 5


It appears that Turbine has gotten all it wants out of the testing for Update 5, as Bullroarer will be closing tomorrow at noon eastern!

That’s right all of you wanting to get actual numbers for seal and medallion drop rates and how long it will take to potentially get the new armor sets, you better act fast.

And for those of you wanting to see how the new Warden tweaks work, you’ve got less then 24 hours TOTAL to get it done!

I don’t understand why they’re closing this server, and why they did the same thing for the Isengard launch (it will be a question in my next interview) as these seems strange that with all the changes they’re making, they wouldn’t want more data.

Here’s hoping they know what they’re doing, but I’ll have to admit these last couple of testing experiences haven’t been my favorites.


Bullroarer Patch Notes (Build 2) for Update 5


The second build to Bullroarer is now live for the upcoming Update 5: Armies of Isengard content coming in December.  Lots of bug fixes and response to the community in here, and it appears like this update is paralleling Update 3 (In their Absence) which would mean another possible Bullroarer update before this content finally hits live.  So, make sure to get on Bullroarer (if you can) test stuff out, bug it, be vocal (but constructive) on the forums, etc.  There also appear to be changes to the barter and armor set requirements, but I haven’t checked them out yet to be totally sure.  Nor am I 100% convinced they’re final, yet :).

  • Lots of Instance Finder Tweaks including the ability for the leader to boot Link-dead players
  • Quite a few class tweaks
  • Warden Changes:
    • Animations and sounds tweaked
    • HoTs have been buffed (not leeches sadly)
    • Partial Defense buff from gambit builders now lasts 20 seconds
  • Monster Play and Creep Changes
  • Tier 7 crafting items now on the Skirmish Vendors
    • Including recipes, scroll cases, and Cracked Rhi Helvarch Sigils!
  • Fixed Draigoch (some)
  • Various of instance tweaks (lots in the Foundry)

Plethora of Secret World Hands-On Previews


Funcom recently allowed a whole ton of press to get some hands-on time with The Secret World and their previews have been trickling out over the past couple of days.  For the most part they were given a chance to create a character, start their experience with the Templar society, head over to Kingsmouth, run the Polaris Instance, and check out some PvP.  Each of the writers then picks up on their favorite (or least favorite) aspects and either focuses on that or tries to give an overall feel for how the experience went.  I’m not going to go in-depth on all of them, but just pick out the main idea or major tidbit I picked up from the articles.  I really enjoyed checking them all out, but it will take a bit of time ;)

For the most part the game received good reviews for the portions they were shown, and many of them mentioned how they actually had to think and work out puzzles.  I think this will be an important aspect of this game going forward with how Funcom handles this and almost more importantly how the community handles it.

All I can say after reading all those is when do I *cough* I mean we, get beta access? ;)

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