I realize I’m a bit behind, but I at least wanted to get some thoughts out on the past week focusing on the Templars.  You may have already seen these articles, so I will keep this mainly to my thoughts on the articles.

Continuing the week of the Templars, there were a couple of articles the covered a behind the scenes look at the society.  There were separate articles in English, French, and German but thanks to Google Translate you can mostly read all three.  The articles mainly focus on the backstory of the society (MUCH older then the Crusades) as well as diving into some of the politics of the society.  In addition, on of the Ranking Missions is explained which sounds like a pretty intense and lengthy game of Spy versus Spy!

Next up was coverage over on IGN.com including both an Interview with Ragnar Tornquist and a video teaser!

The interview does a good job of setting up the structure of the organization as well as more of the backstory.  Interesting enough is the stark contrast between their quest mechanics and those of the Dragons, which makes sense but I do like the concept that playing the different factions will play significantly differently.  The video is a pretty bad-ass recruiting teaser for the Templars and the more I see of this game the more I’m attracted to its visuals and immersion potential.

Wrapping up the week was the Facebook Q&A on the official TSW Facebook page, including information like:

  • Hints on Rose’s backstory
  • Societies and their ties to other existing organizations like the Freemasons
  • Military might of the Templars
  • Sorry, you cannot become a werewolf or vampire in The Secret World

I was pleased to also see not only these questions but all the previous ones still there as well in case you missed out.

Also out today are a TON of in-person reactions to the game from various sites which I’ll get to later on today.