There’s been quite a stir of late regarding the upcoming changes to skirmishes and instances regarding loot and the instance finder.  One thing I did want to point out as I’ve done a little skirmishing on Bullroarer – Medallions are rewards from completing Encounters in any skirmish, and I’m guessing those will scale up with the number of people, but they’re available in Solo skirmishes.

We’ll probably never know how much of this was accidental or what was done to respond to the community but Zombie Columbus posted the upcoming changes which will either hit Bullroarer or when Update 5 hits live:

  • Superior 4th Marks won’t be Auto-transferred in Update 5
    • You’ll have the option to barter them for Seals or Medallions
    • They will most likely be auto-transferred with Update 6 if you still have them in your inventory
  • Draigoch set items will be available for Seals or Medallions
  • Reputation rewards for skirmishes are back in
  • XP for skirmish completion has been increased to account for the daily quest removal
    • Side effect of this one, you can re-do your favorite skirmish for the same rewards!
  • It looks like Update 6 will have the option to bail from an instance you don’t like
  • Instance finder will allow for current full groups to join instances just like the Instance Join panel
    • this will allow friends and kinnies to use the tool for the better rewards, but not have to deal with PUGs
  • They are watching Seal acquisition rate and will tweak as needed
  • Mark/Medallion upgrades for Seals is still on the table, but not for Update 5

I think this post does a good job of addressing many of the issues folks had with the way things were rolled out and I’m pretty happy about all of it.  I still have a feeling I’m going to try to grind out some skirmishes ahead of time to stock-pile some 4th marks while I’m at it.