Once again I’m scheduling some time to chat with folks from Turbine about the various pieces of LOTRO that we all love, and some that we’re not so pleased about :)  I’m still gathering my questions, but wanted to give folks an opportunity to get their questions in.

I can’t guarantee I’ll get to everything, nor am I 100% sure who I’ll have access to, but if my last interview is any indication they are open to pulling in people necessary to answer the questions.

The actual interview won’t happen until after Thanksgiving, but with vacations and all we wanted to get things somewhat nailed down sooner rather then later.

Current topics on my list so far:

  • Security concerns
  • RoI Testing/Rollout including Instance Slip
  • Content updates
  • F2P success and returns for players
  • PvMP Update
  • Warden class issues
  • Update 5

For each of these I do have multiple questions, but that’s a general outline.  If you’re curious about how I’ve done my interviews or what all I’ve asked, feel free to listen to my previous interviews with Rowan and my most recent one with Rowan, Adam Mersky Graalx2, and Zombie Columbus.

If you have questions or suggestions, reach out to me in some fashion (comment, email, twitter, Google+, etc) by Monday 11/21 at noon Eastern.