I’m sure many have already found these but I at least wanted to toss in a few comments as I go through them.  I will be going through the armor sets and the Warden class here in the next day or so.  And remember, these are just the first set of notes so get on Bullroarer, test, and submit those bugs!

Some of the big items in this update are (many talked about here):

  • Isengard Instances
  • More of the Epic Story Line
  • Instance Finder for Skirmishes, Isengard and/or Scaled Instances
  • Nearby Quest Tracker
    • basically a geographical quest filter – sounds pretty slick
  • Unified Currency
    • Will now have Marks, Medallions, or Seals only
    • Includes Campaign skirmish marks, instance marks, and all specialty marks (like the Superior 4th marks)

And then a TON of other little things, I’m just going to pick out a few, make sure to check out the rest though.

  • New combined stats
    • Physical Mastery combines melee and ranged offense
    • Tactical Mastery combines tactical damage and outgoing healing rating
  • Various Class tweaks
  • I’ll have a separate write-up on the Warden once I get to play her
  • PyschoBabble talks Loremasters here
  • Quite a few Monster Play changes/tweaks
  • Legendary scrolls now apply to mitigations, not defense (big change here)
  • Lots of tweaks to legendary item legacies
  • Various Quest tweaks

I’m sure there’s lots more going on, and I’ll be posting things as I find them and have a chance to get onto Bullroarer to check things out.