In an interview with Adam Mersky and Aaron Campbell, TenTonHammer is able to get some interesting information regarding the next update, still tentatively named Update 5.  The big items coming are:

  • More of the Epic line with Theodred, and a goodbye to the Rangers
  • Instance Finder, similar to WoW and Rift
  • New Instances centered around Orthanc and confronting Saruman himself
    • 3 3 mans, 1 6 man, and 1 12 main
    • Fangorn’s Edge, a 3 man at the edge of the forests destruction fighting orcs and trees as they’re not sure who’s their enemy
    • Pits of Isengard is another 3 man in the caves and tunnels below Isengard
    • The Foundry is the 6 man battling Saruman’s Lieutenants directly in the Isengard depths
    • The Tower of Orthanc is the raid, which sounds more like Ost Dunhoth in that there will be more then a single boss
  • New armor sets – an instance set and a raid set
  • Currency consolidation – a little confusing here, will have to see what this all means
    • It seems like there will be raid tokens, instance tokens, and skirmish tokens which will each be used to barter for the appropriate sets.
  • They do promise that 2012 will be bigger then 2011 with a big announcement coming in January.

Oh, and the other nice tidbit – Update 5 hits Bullroarer this Tuesday!

Update 5 is sounding like a pretty nice content update as well as some much needed technology improvements.  I’m still a little worried about this “Currency Consolidation” but we’ll all get to see soon when they put up the patch notes!