Interesting day today for the folks at Funcom as they’ve been doing quite a bit of back peddling and PR speak.

An article popped up on Massively with a video from their CEO, which had open beta dates and price points for the box and subscriptions model.

Mortei then chimed in on the forum thread with a little tamer response trying to shy away from specifics.

Then this evening Famine from the forums posted a link to the official site with the following information:

  • The Secret World is currently in closed beta with internal and external testers participating.
  • Open beta will NOT begin before Christmas, but sometime prior to launch
  • The business model and price points for the box and subscription prices have not been set yet.

I’m not real sure what happened, but certainly an interesting string of events for Funcom and not one that instills great confidence in the company.  Or maybe this is all a ploy to confuse the heck out of the community…

I guess I was hoping that video was true, but a 4 month open beta is VERY long and a $15-$17 subscription fee is quite high.

I’m expecting that the December date will be the next “big” expansion of the closed beta community and the sub will be closer to that $15 price point.  Open beta would then start sometime in February or March.

Or in other words, nothing really has changed or been officially decided :)