One of the main unsung portions of the Isengard expansion has been the new changes for Lua, but it was one of those that I was very excited for.  Granted, those updates also broke Lua (fixed with the recent patch), so that gave the system quite the black eye.  After that patch, I’m back to running all my plugins and many (Palantir, Inn of Forsaken, Manager, AltInventor, and Mouse Cursor are the main ones I know of) didn’t require any updates at all to work properly.  I have yet to have any issues with the plugins I run – Palantir, BuffBars, TonicBars, Mouse Cursor Highlighter, Inn of the Forsaken, Combat Analysis, AltInventory, and Manager.  However, there’s been a couple of small but nice changes that I think once someone starts to play with will result in some VERY cool plugins.

The first thing I wanted to point out was that the chat system is now able to be parsed in-game.  While many might not realize how big this is, the initial LOTRO Lua application of this was bringing the popular Combat Analysis plugin fully into the LOTRO client.  No longer do you need to run some external executable, and as such not only is it more secure, it is MUCH faster.  If you’re at all interested in keeping track of your damage (outgoing and incoming), healing, or power sharing I can’t speak highly enough about this plugin.  You can read my review of it in the link above, or head straight to the download page.

The other plugin taking advantage of the chat parsing is the RaidRoll Plugin.  In many of the groups I run with, this process can be quite the pain just to pick through the chat and make sure you don’t miss anyone as well as order them properly.  I haven’t had a chance to test it, but it seems like as long as you live by the guidelines set out in the post it appears to work well.  Like all plugins, I would suggest you also check out the comments thread to be current on any suggestions or issues with the plugin.

The other aspect of Lua that sadly I have yet to see anyone do anything with (yes I’m begging here) is the Fellowship vital displays that were exposed with Isengard.  For anyone who’s done any group content I’m sure at some point you’ve wished for something slightly different from the UI and I really want someone to create some simple and customizable such that we can make group displays as large or small as we want.  If you could then show/hide based on some Morale/Power threshold that would be amazing.

I just wanted to make a quick post (plea) on the current status of Lua as well as some of the new toys that have come out for folks to check out.  We are getting some updates to the system, and I think in order for Turbine to continue improvements and features for it people need to start using it.  If you’re complaining about loading/unloading them check out this post where I talk about and show how to make an alias for the plugin Manager which when you load it loads ALL your most recently loaded plugins.  So, you use these two commands once and then when you log on just hit the button to load all your plugins.