A couple of recent posts by Sapience point to some new cool toys coming out in the Lotteries.  A new lottery is currently running for a new kind of emote – horse emotes!

In addition to the horse emotes, Sapience also chimed in on a pretty big (10 pages) thread on what the community would like to see from the lotteries.  He points out the following:

  • They’ve added over 250 new items to lotteries based on the thread
    • I’ve noticed Turbine points as an item
  • They’re intrigued by lottery exclusive items, but currently can only do items currently in game or the store
  • Account level items CANNOT be included in lotteries
  • There’s usually a couple week lag between when the item comes into the game and when it is available as a lottery
  • The system is meant to be fun, not an alternate way to get rare items.

I’ve really enjoyed the system, and if only the overall site wasn’t as wonky as it is this would be a much more painless process.