I’ll have to admit I’ve been a bit lax of late keeping pace with things in The Secret World, so this is a bit of a make-up post.  Many of the items aren’t breaking news but I at least wanted to add a comment or two on them.

Being a little biased as a Templar, I will start off with the news surrounding that society first :)  Two sites have given a re-cap of the starting sequence for the Templars, which is quite welcome to include more of the starting storylines for all of the societies.  Rock, Paper, Shotgun (abbreviated by me as RPS) gives a more detailed recounting of the story of the introduction to the society but VG24/7.com gives a little more overall review of the same footage.  I like the weaving of cut-scenes and live action as part of the story, I’m just hoping it doesn’t get too distracting by being constantly pulled back and forth.  RPS does “spoil” the story behind the Tokyo Flashback mission we saw from Comiccon that Ragnar wasn’t will to share just then – so be warned if you want to be surprised.  Also interesting in the RPS article was the mention of attack mechanics in that there will be cone AoE attacks (shotgun for example), normal MMO line of sight attacks (assuming handguns), but also “tracking” magical attacks that will hunt you down.  Pretty nifty idea for combat, and its nice to see that they’re taking the engine they’re using for Age of Conan and building on top of it to bring even cooler things!

The article on VG247.com does touch on the Templar story, but then also focuses on things like grinding and combat.  Which while not entirely new, it does give another perception of how these traditional mechanics will work in The Secret World.

If you want a voice-over of some of these ideas, sadly without game footage, you can check out the video below with a couple of the Funcom Developers:

The other news of late was the announcement that Funcom has over 500,000 registered for Beta, which I’m not real sure what it actually means for the game.  It isn’t a huge number like what you see getting tossed around for SW:TOR but it also isn’t an insignificant amount considering how far we are from launch and how little publicity the game is getting.  Certainly we all love to play the numbers game but I think this number will grow as we get closer and the timing of the launch should be pretty good as it will come as some inevitably get worn out from SW:TOR.  I still think this will be a niche MMO, but there’s nothing wrong with that and I could easily see it hovering around the 1 million mark.  I’m typically not one to jump all over numbers, but I do find it interesting to see what numbers companies release and when they do.

I will have another post up on the Facebook Q&A, but until then just a friendly reminder that I will be recording Episode 4 of The Secret War Podcast this evening at 11:30 PM Eastern over on MMO Reporter, come join the fun!