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Orion Comments on the Post Isengard Warden


Today was a nice surprise when I saw Orion make a number of posts to try and summarize the feedback and issues with the class.  He did a great job of summarizing and clarifying the issues, and although there are things he’s not in control of, he did promise to discuss with the folks who are.  Currently the following things are currently not working properly for Wardens:

  • Never Surrender debuff should be 2 minutes
  • Never Surrender is know to have issues with DoTs
  • Never Surrender uses the Captain’s Last Stand Icon
  • Aggression tooltip states a percentage of threat when in fact it is a flat rate
  • Using Aggression and Potency shows the Conviction tooltip
  • Shield Tactics adds to Defense and not Mitigation
  • Shield Tactics applies immunity at the end of the animation
  • Way of the Warden doesn’t give Critical Defense
  • Deflection places a threat up and not a thread down icon
  • Double gambit builders use the single gambit animation

In addition to those, he has a couple things he’s looking into to see what can be done:

A number of our issues are on the back end, and as such will be harder to work out, however he is working with those folks to see what can be done.

  • Medium Armor mitigations
  • passive sword bonus from Grand Master Weapons Training
  • miss rate

Those 3 are covered in this post and he’s also looking into our HoT scaling and/or tying it to might.

I added to this post asking about our morale leaches, so we’ll see where that goes.

For me personally, other then the HoTs I haven’t seen too many issues with the class and have talked with folks who have seen Warden’s tanking very well at the end game.  I know my gear is quite poor at the moment, so I’m holding off on making serious judgments on the class until I get that straightened out.

What about my other fellow Wardens, what’re your thoughts and experiences?


More Secret World Dragon Goodies


Two more nuggets for folks to chew on came out from Funcom today, a new teaser and an interview.

First the video from the point of view of Shai-Ling giving more back story on the Dragon Society.  Pretty nice storylines in there and of course some fun visuals.  Oh, and make sure to watch past the end credits!


The Interview is with Ragnar Tornquist really focuses on how Chaos fits in the workings of the society and the character’s progression.

Some of the interesting things for me:

  • Quest guidance for Dragons seems sparse, more of the “check things out over there” and not go kill this guy.
  • We will be getting society specific skills (don’t think this is new) that are tied to the philosophies of the society.  So for the Dragon, I’m guessing as they progress in ranks with the society they’ll have access to more powers of Chaos.
  • He again teases of the whole idea of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” concept by talking about alliances with Demons.

Other than that though, I took more out of the video then the interview, but that’s just me.

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