I realize this is a bit late, but I wanted to go through and not only watch the Tokyo Flashback video but also the entire presentation from Commicon which took quite a bit longer to not only watch but absorb.

First off, I wanted to thank the folks over at the @hydrainitiative for posting the information while the livestream was having issues and MMORPG.com for setting this all up.

First off, I wanted to give some quick thoughts on the Tokyo Flashback mission:

  • Its the first experience in game where we meet “Filth,” the main evil in the game, and the main NPCs from the Cinematics.
  • Play the role of Sara – not revealing how that happens :)
  • 1st 5 minutes of 150-200 hours PvE experience
  • Mission slowly introduces char to game – ! works as a warning
  • Skills work like combos with finishers
  • Lots of movement in combat and things in combat to force movement
  • Story like a jigsaw puzzle
  • Pretty spooky and eerie ending

Now, over at MMOrpg.com – they posted a full recap of the event including video of the entire session.  I think the audio in this video is a little bit better, or maybe I’m just getting better at understanding Ragnar’s accent :)

Some quick hits from that:

  • Starts off with all the cinematics we’ve seen, but with commentary from Ragnar.
  • Cinamatics are rendered, but not far off from what you’ll see in game.
    • Lead into the concept that the main chars are NPCs for the various societies.  Mai-Ling (sp?) is Dragon, Rose is templar, Alex is Illuminati
  • Then leads into above mentioned Tokyo Flashback
  • Followed by over 30 minutes of a q&a session – there’s a LOT here so between my listening and the comment on MMORPG.com and Hydra Initiative I think we have them covered, but you might want to take a full listen for yourself.
    • 2 year old laptop is the target platform – to play on max settings need 8GB ram and 1-2 GB VRAM
    • phase 2 for the secret war is coming “soon”
    • stats will come from gear
    • stylized faction gear as you progress in the faction – including the Katana inscribed with Chaos magic as an example
    • You will be able to boost skills through PvP success
    • Cross faction PvE and PvP sabotage missions
    • There will be skill deck templates to follow if you want to for tank, DPS, healing
    • weapon specifics
      • Shotgun short cone AoE
      • Pistols mid-range, high dps, single target
      • Assault rifles multi-targetable
      • magic – blood, elementalism, chaos -> butterfly effect
      • Blades, fists, and hammers are the melee weapons
    • tab targeting, but those tab targets still need to be in the area of effect of the weapon to actually hit i
    • all missions will be re-playable

Overall some really cool stuff coming out of just a one hour event.  And they keep pumping things out during this week of Dragon, by the time we’re done all three I think we’ll be able to stop complaining about a lack of information, or at least for a week or so ;)