has posted another of The Secret World Developer Journals focusing on the Dragon Society.

This diary gives an insight into the back-story of the society, as well as the recruit methods – basically abducting recruits and dumping them in Seoul to fend for themselves and either succeed or fail.

The Dragon has no permanent base, it is continually on the move with the Silent Monks as the only permanent fixture responsible for finding the leadership and new recruits.

The Dragon lack specifics in the orders helps drive their main goal of causing Chaos, which they prefer to move subtly as opposed to the bold moves of the Templars and Illuminati.  Members rarely interact with the Head of the society and many instead interact with the Right Hand if they even get that privilege.

Dragons in Parking Garage

The Journal also walks through one of the Faction Ranking missions which allows players to gain more prestige with their respective society.  The mission explained is the “Into Darkness” mission.  This takes place in a parking garage and this is one of those missions that all societies can partake in, but the Journal guides us through the perspective of the Dragon.  We’ve seen clips and images from this encounter, but this Journal not only gives a few more details but also some more teasers.

Make sure to check out the Full Journal as there’s some very cool stuff in there no matter what your society is.