I will admit I’m a bit behind in things, but it has just been a crazy little bit here lately.  However, there was some cool news coming out recently for the Secret World that you might have already seen, but I at least wanted to put my spin on it.

There was an interesting discussion on the forums regarding guns and ammo.  I’m happy that they’re taking this idea seriously and since they don’t have a solution they like, for now ammo will not be in the game.  I also love the quote “in the hands of a Secret Worlder it [gun] becomes a weapon of mass destruction!”

Funcom also released their Forums Journal which pretty much recaps the month of September.  One of the main portions I wanted to point out was the section at the bottom talking about the various society Cabals.

MMORPG.com has a Developer Diary from Senior Producer Ragnar Tornquist talking about Storytelling:

  • Every key mission begins with a fully voiced and motion captured cinematic and the cut-scenes will also contain clues.  Outside of the main story missions, you can run missions in any order which allows you to choose how you experience the story.
  • Pieces of the story, Lore, will be littered all over the world and there will be rewards for those who find large pieces of the back-story.
  • Interactions with NPCs will relate to what the character has already done, so depending on when you talk to an NPC they may tell you more or less about what’s going on.  While this does sound cool, my only concern would be there may be some optimal path.
  • Everything in the game relates to this story, and all those pieces will contribute to helping to solve this jigsaw puzzle,  including:
    • monsters
    • player powers
    • weapons
    • magical school

I have a feeling that all these pieces will cause conspiracy theorists to go absolutely crazy as they’ll look at every little detail in about 50 different ways trying to unravel things.  I’m hoping these puzzles are challenging, but I’m also expecting some sort of balance or alternate way of solving the problems.

PCGamer has a cool preview/interview with Ragnar and they cover a number of topics, but the highlight for me is the discussion on quests.  There will be different types:

  • Action missions which are more like typical mmo quests
  • Sabotage missions which sound like combination of action and puzzle solving
  • Investigation missions are essentially puzzle missions where you have to basically solve a problem or try to fully understand what some priest of fortune teller is talking about.  These will weave in common knowledge and puzzles as well as things you might find by popping off to a web site.

Quests are the corner stone of MMO’s and I’m excited by the various options and a chance to have to think while playing.

Finally, today MMORPG.com has a column from Managing Editor Bill Murphy explaining the Illuminati, which explains the history and methodologies behind the society.  While I’ve pretty much already made up my mind on which society I’m joining (Templars), it is cool to get backgrounds on these as well as where Funcom’s perspective on where these societies are coming from.