Even though The Secret World is still a number of months out, players are anxiously awaiting any information on the game.  There was the huge explosion of excitement with the Beta sign-up announcement but very little since then.

Many are anticipating the second phase of the Secret War event over on Facebook.  For me I see this as the early indication of how Funcom will be able to weave player intrigue into the game and show be a good sign for how this will work in the actual game as well.

The other item people are looking forward to is anything related to Beta information, even if they’re not lucky enough to get picked for testing.  This morning Ragnar Tornquist teased not only of the beta but what’s going on with the game itself.

Closing in on the next Beta stage. Tons of cool new content added. Game more fun than ever before. Progress! Happiness! Long hours! #TSW

And if that wasn’t good enough for you, he followed up quickly with even more on the size of Beta:

@MMORPGcom Adding players on a regular basis, but numbers are still quite limited. When we expand further, you’ll be the first to know! #TSW

We shouldn’t be surprised that they’re still adding content, but from what we’ve seen so far of the game, making it more fun is quite impressive.

As for Beta, we’re still a long ways out, so this almost sounds like a “Friends and Family” event that’s slowly growing.  I would anticipate a big push maybe around the time that other game launches and then around the start of the new year.

For me, I’m more excited for the Secret War event then for Beta as I’m not real sure how much time I’ll have to dedicate to truly test things out.  As much as I want to see the game, I think the Facebook event will be a little more schedule friendly.