Today marks the second anniversary of my first post on this site, and if next year is anything like this one it will certainly keep me on my toes.  Hopefully I won’t have to deal with another site host transition, although that was really the only down part of the year, aside from real life occasionally monopolizing my time.

It has been a fun year where I became all excited about one new launch (Rift) and another pending launch (The Secret World).  I’ve also started two new podcasts and had my first two conversations with a game developer.  I’ve also brought on a couple new writers to help flesh out areas I’m not as familiar with.

I’d love to say I have some grand plans for this year, but I really don’t.  All I can hope to continue with is writing and talking about the games I enjoy playing, however I’m guessing you’ll see more of the Secret World then you will of Rift.  Oh, and lots of LOTRO, that is something I don’t see changing for a while – unless Turbine completely hoses the plans for next year.

As always, feel free to let me know if there are any suggestions, complaints, or compliments you want to pass my way.