There was a post up on Massively with a mention of an video interview over on Electric Playground talking about The Secret World with Joel Bylos, Lead Content Designer.  Mostly the same PR and cool images we’ve heard and seen before but there were a couple of nuggets in there.

  • Maximum group size is 5
  • Raid groups are 10
  • They want players to think
    • not only coordinate, but outside of the game research
  • Possible to run content with non-trinity based groups
    • But in order to be successful you will need to have some combination of skills to fill those roles
    • Example was a group of tanks, which could survive with the caveat that they would need a single healing ability

Of all the parts of the interview, the most appealing to me is the focus on coordination and thinking.  I’m really hoping for a “hard” game that isn’t just about ripping through content as fast as possible.  I love to be able to zone out at times, but I’d like to have some diversity.