I made a point to ask Turbine yesterday about videos and received permission to post videos based on our common understanding.  Based on that, I’ve put together a video with commentary of the changes for the Minstrel class.  We’ve seen some great written guides, but I know for some videos are more helpful.  If Bullroarer comes back up, I will probably do another run with the Yellow line to see how that works out but this video focuses mainly on War-speech.  I’ll also try to do some for the Warden changes and possibly the Captain.

I wanted to show this for a couple reasons:

  • show the new mechanics in action
  • show that DPS is still very good
  • we can survive on level skirmishes without top end gear
    • I’m wearing the level 75 PvMP gear
    • My skirmish soldier is level 75
    • everything else (jewelry, cloak, legendary items, skirmish traits, etc) are all as currently using on Live