Through some of the videos we’ve seen and heard of all the new artwork coming with Isengard and today’s screenshots show off not only the new weapon skins but also the new armor sets and mobs.  I’m really enjoying the armor artwork here and the new skins on the Legendary Items are MUCH better then the previous level 65 skins which were quite lackluster.

From everything I’ve seen so far from Isengard, there’s a lot of new armor pieces, cosmetics, weapons, and cloaks to trick out your character’s appearance and they’ve stepped up the quality again to make these feel more lore appropriate as well as visually appealing.

Warning, these images are on the large side :)

Warden_with_Hammer Heavy Armor with Axe Warden with Sword Hunter using Bow Warden using a Spear Heavy armor with Spear Heavy Armor Set Medium Armor Set