I have to admit I was a little shocked by the conversation today with Turbine on a number of fronts.  I was very happy to hear from folks other then the Producers, not that that’s not valuable, but I had some pretty specific questions that I was glad to here ZC and Graalx2 hop in to cover.  Not to mention there were quite a few very exciting things brought up in this interview.

My apologies for the call quality, not only were they on a speaker phone but I was recording using Google Voice which would sometimes drop out on our ends, but still record in good quality resulting in some question repetition.

Also, I want to thank Merric and Goldenstar from CSTM for letting me know what questions they were covering such that I could focus on some other topics.  I highly recommend listening to their interview as well since we cover different topics.

On the call were:

  • Adam Mersky – Director of Communications
  • Aaron Campbell – Producer
  • Brian “Zombie Columbus” Aloisio – Systems Designer
  • Ken “Graalx2” Burd – Systems Designer

I’m not going to give away the whole show, but here are some of the topics we cover:

  • I do start with some of the more negative aspects of Isengard
  • Draigoch raid mechanics and loot
  • Scalable Instance Loot Details
  • Class changes
  • Set bonuses, including Graalx2 talking about the Warden set bonus
  • Upcoming Barter changes
  • Some nice nuggets for Update 5

I have to admit, not only am I very excited for Isengard, but I think LOTRO is going to do quite well through the storm of all the upcoming game releases.

I have kept a list of all the questions, and will look to come back to those during my next chance to chat with Turbine.