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Episode 22 – Isengard Interview with Turbine



I have to admit I was a little shocked by the conversation today with Turbine on a number of fronts.  I was very happy to hear from folks other then the Producers, not that that’s not valuable, but I had some pretty specific questions that I was glad to here ZC and Graalx2 hop in to cover.  Not to mention there were quite a few very exciting things brought up in this interview.

My apologies for the call quality, not only were they on a speaker phone but I was recording using Google Voice which would sometimes drop out on our ends, but still record in good quality resulting in some question repetition.

Also, I want to thank Merric and Goldenstar from CSTM for letting me know what questions they were covering such that I could focus on some other topics.  I highly recommend listening to their interview as well since we cover different topics.

On the call were:

  • Adam Mersky – Director of Communications
  • Aaron Campbell – Producer
  • Brian “Zombie Columbus” Aloisio – Systems Designer
  • Ken “Graalx2” Burd – Systems Designer

I’m not going to give away the whole show, but here are some of the topics we cover:

  • I do start with some of the more negative aspects of Isengard
  • Draigoch raid mechanics and loot
  • Scalable Instance Loot Details
  • Class changes
  • Set bonuses, including Graalx2 talking about the Warden set bonus
  • Upcoming Barter changes
  • Some nice nuggets for Update 5

I have to admit, not only am I very excited for Isengard, but I think LOTRO is going to do quite well through the storm of all the upcoming game releases.

I have kept a list of all the questions, and will look to come back to those during my next chance to chat with Turbine.


Episode 21 – Almost to Isengard



A couple of site news updates first:

  • If you can’t get enough of me, head over to LOTRO Reporter as I fill in on that show
  • I’m also working on a new Secret World Podcast, which should be out soon.

Overall, lots of news to talk about this week so no topic:

Thanks again for all the 5 star reviews in iTunes from Beryline, “Sedge and B,” and “Ed of Gladden!”


Isengard Developer Diary for Hunters



Zombie Columbus follows up his Q&A on the Hunter with a deceptively long look at the changes coming for the Hunters.  I will admit I know very little about the class, but overall I like the idea of making the stances viable.  It also bothers me when a particular class only has one or two different play options, so I’m curious to see what others think of the changes to the various paths.

I do find it interesting that they’re de-coupling the stances from the trait lines, as the other classes (Champion and Minstrel specifically) have those ties strengthened.  They’re also following some of the things done with Minstrels such that skills will behave differently depending on what stance you’re in.

Not only are the stances changing, but there are changes to the trait lines, traits themselves, and new toys to play with.

Head on over and check it out!


The Secret World Alternate Reality Game


Walking into Danger

If you’re like me and are coming to the party a bit late (anything after 2007) you might have missed out on some of the details and events tied into the Alternate Reality Game (ARG) which is such a huge part of the story behind The Secret World.  Since the game isn’t out yet, this really is the only way we have to interact with the world as well as the community.

There have been some posts here and there, as well as the recent uptick with all the events surrounding the beta announcement.  But one of my new Facebook friends pointed to this document over on the official forums that documents the history of the ARG.  The author does provide his own thoughts and speculation but this huge 7 post series walks through all the events.  I knew this had been going on for a while, but I really didn’t realize it goes all the way back to 2007!  Reading through this also gives you some ideas on what areas and resources Funcom are pulling from to create these stories.

The fact that Funcom can carry on a story that has kept so much attention for so long gives me great hope for this game going forward.

Oh, and for those of you looking for more Secret World information, I am collaborating with Chris over at MMO Reporter on a new podcast for The Secret World with the first episode releasing soon :)  I’m also live-streaming this, so follow me on twitter if you want to catch it live!

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