I know many have been waiting to see how these would all break out, and today Turbine finally released the specifics on how you could purchase the expansion pieces through the LOTRO Store using Turbine points.  First the details, then my thoughts:

  • Isengard Expansion Quests – 3250 Turbine Points
    • Includes over 375 Quests and 40 deeds for levels 66-75
    • Covers regions of Dunland, Gap of Rohan, and Isengard
  • Raid: Draigoch’s Lair – 1250 Turbine Points
    • 24 person raid
  • Derudh’s Stone – 995 Turbine Points
    • Pocket item – +25% experience for monster kills
  • Expansion (Update 5) Instances – 1495 Turbine Points
    • 1 12 player instance
    • 1 6 player instance
    • 3 3 player instances

Everything but the Expansion instances will be available in the store come launch day on the 27th.  However, the store doesn’t allow for pre-purchases, so you’ll have to wait until those instances are released to purchase them.

While I’m happy they finally released the information, I’m actually a bit surprised as the price seems a tad on the high side.  Totally almost 7000 TPs for the entire expansion certainly isn’t a good return on you investment when you could buy it for $30 and most of the point bundles are around $0.01 per point.  You could pull out the bonus xp item, but you’re still at 6000 TPs – although that is spread out over a couple month time period so that might help somewhat.

It doesn’t really impact me, but I’m curious what others think of the pricing?