There was a new video released over on today that is pretty much the video form of most of the information released from Gamescom.  This is a longer video then the previous released from Gamescom and also some more information then what came out from the various CM posts.  Maybe I’m wrong but there seemed to be a few nuggets of goodness in there verbally as well as some more cool footage.

The interview is with Ragnar Tornquist and he goes through the normal bit of PR speak we’ve seen and heard before.  For those trying to understand understand the game, this is a pretty good overview.  The main focus on the video is talking about the factions and the “Secret War” between those factions.  There will be PvP areas, but also PvE missions that focus on infiltrating and messing with the other factions.  I like this mix as it provides a way to get involved in the War even if you don’t like PvP in general or just aren’t in the mood that day.  However, it isn’t all about the faction war as sometimes the storylines will mix between the factions such that you can in certain aspects work together for the common goal, and I’m guessing that in some cases that coordination will be required.

Also of note he talks about the factions being life choices so there’s no switching and I believe it is one faction per server from what I’ve read other places.  They really want you to be a part of these societies, which they’ve already kicked off with the FB integration and event.

He then switches gears to the actual PvP mechanics with the battlegrounds being the short 5 or 10 person team battles with the normal PvP gameplay goals.  These fights will reward the players involved in them with various goodies.  The Warzones are the persistent areas of large scale combat with rewards for the ENTIRE faction.  This is one of the strengths I see of this system in that it really incentivizes everyone to join in and help out however they can.  I remember back in the days I was PvP’ing in DAOC, which had a similar concept, and there were numerous times I would drop what I was doing to protect a castle to keep our realm wide bonuses.

Progression is also mentioned and talked about in more detail.  There are no levels, but instead you progress in flexibility as you add in new skills or powers.  These powers are then combined into “Decks” which are a combination of 7 active and 7 passive powers that you can swap in and out based on what you’re doing.  Gear progression is briefly mentioned with both weapons and Sacra’s which seem to be “magical” buffing items.  The cool one that’s new (to me maybe) is the progression within the society.  As you do more things you’ll gain rank within the faction and learn more of the secrets and reap more of the rewards of that society.

All in all some pretty cool stuff, and of course more pretty images!

Check out the video below and let me know what you think!