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New Secret World Video Interview Talks Factions and PvP


There was a new video released over on today that is pretty much the video form of most of the information released from Gamescom.  This is a longer video then the previous released from Gamescom and also some more information then what came out from the various CM posts.  Maybe I’m wrong but there seemed to be a few nuggets of goodness in there verbally as well as some more cool footage.

The interview is with Ragnar Tornquist and he goes through the normal bit of PR speak we’ve seen and heard before.  For those trying to understand understand the game, this is a pretty good overview.  The main focus on the video is talking about the factions and the “Secret War” between those factions.  There will be PvP areas, but also PvE missions that focus on infiltrating and messing with the other factions.  I like this mix as it provides a way to get involved in the War even if you don’t like PvP in general or just aren’t in the mood that day.  However, it isn’t all about the faction war as sometimes the storylines will mix between the factions such that you can in certain aspects work together for the common goal, and I’m guessing that in some cases that coordination will be required.

Also of note he talks about the factions being life choices so there’s no switching and I believe it is one faction per server from what I’ve read other places.  They really want you to be a part of these societies, which they’ve already kicked off with the FB integration and event.

He then switches gears to the actual PvP mechanics with the battlegrounds being the short 5 or 10 person team battles with the normal PvP gameplay goals.  These fights will reward the players involved in them with various goodies.  The Warzones are the persistent areas of large scale combat with rewards for the ENTIRE faction.  This is one of the strengths I see of this system in that it really incentivizes everyone to join in and help out however they can.  I remember back in the days I was PvP’ing in DAOC, which had a similar concept, and there were numerous times I would drop what I was doing to protect a castle to keep our realm wide bonuses.

Progression is also mentioned and talked about in more detail.  There are no levels, but instead you progress in flexibility as you add in new skills or powers.  These powers are then combined into “Decks” which are a combination of 7 active and 7 passive powers that you can swap in and out based on what you’re doing.  Gear progression is briefly mentioned with both weapons and Sacra’s which seem to be “magical” buffing items.  The cool one that’s new (to me maybe) is the progression within the society.  As you do more things you’ll gain rank within the faction and learn more of the secrets and reap more of the rewards of that society.

All in all some pretty cool stuff, and of course more pretty images!

Check out the video below and let me know what you think!



Guardian Isengard Developer Diary


I have to admit, I was expecting a little more from this Diary as we really haven’t heard anything regarding threat changes with regards to all the DPS changes.  I guess we’ll have to wait and hope they scaled them both appropriately as we progress to 75.  Graalx2 gets the privilege of sharing this diary with us on the upcoming changes to the Guardians.  He does try to ease the crowd by saying Guardians and Wardens will be able to tank just as effectively as Champions, and again to re-iterate my fears, I’m just not sure they’ll be able to out threat the DPS.

For the most part it seems like Guardians are getting a similar treatment to Burglars in that the class is pretty well set up.  The main change they’re getting is a boost in DPS, but not in an obvious way:

  • skills like Guardian’s Ward will do more as you level up to 75
  • shield attacks will do more damage with a new Belt Legacy

Other skill tweaks include:

  • Protection can now be used on NPCs
  • Protection: By the Sword is a new flavor of protection that can be used while in Overpower, granting the parry responses of the protected.  This sounds like a fun option for Guards off-tanking for Wardens :)
  • Shield based stun attacks will still interrupt on stun-immune mobs
  • Ignore the Pain grants a Block event while clearing wounds

In addition some traits have been adjusted

  • Fighter of the Shadow line
    • Selfless Defense transfers threat to the Guard each time the protected gets hit.  Wow maybe you should use this on a Champion, could be a very interesting threat management tool.
    • Final Straw now doubles the chance of triggering a Fellowship Maneuver with each step of Fray the Edge
    • Threatening Presence is now part of the Defender of the Free line and apparently unchanged
  • Defender of the Free line
    • Stoic has been moved to the Fighter of the Shadow line and also scales with level instead of the flat +15 Vitality
  • The Keen Blade
    • To the Rescue adds +5% attack speed
    • Quickness (new trait) adds to Parry (+1500 at 75) but removes Evade (900 at 75)
    • Hemorrhage adds 15% to all bleeds

And finally, he does give us a peak at the new skills in the leveling progression:

  • Guardians Ward improved to increase Tactical Mitigation
  • Overwhelm improved to debuff target’s BPE
  • Whirling Retaliation improved to allow use after a parry event and adds a Retaliation event such that the parry chain can continue
  • Turn the Tables will be improved to automatically hit an on-level target
  • Guardian’s Defense is improved to put a snare on any target that hits the Guardian but stops targeting the Guardian.
  • Challenge will also place a snare on the target if it stops attacking the Guardian for 30 seconds.

Nothing huge here, but I like the slow additions as it will help in both PvE as well as out in the Ettenmoors as slows are really annoying out there.  The Protection changes are also great for both areas as Guardians can now go in Overpower while in groups in the Moors and protect the squishies!

Otherwise this reads to me (I’m not a Guardian expert at all) more like a few tweaks then anything substantial like the Minstrels or Champions.


The Secret World Beta Without Facebook


For those of you that want to try and get into The Secret World Beta without having to sign up or link it to your Facebook account, there now is another option available to you.  Head over to the registration site and follow the directions on the site to register.

I’m pretty happy Funcom responded this quickly and I think reactions like this do help out with their overall appeal with the community.

Although, I have to admit I’m quite enjoying the conversations over on Facebook with all the Templars :)

Come join the Templars!


Rise of Isengard Information Collection


With all the news of late, it has been hard to keep track – so I wanted to put this post up as a sticky and will keep it updated as new things come out.

I’ve been using the Rise of Isengard tag on all my RoI related posts, so you can always check out that tag on the lower right side of the blog.  Or there’s a Pull-down menu for this under the LOTRO button on the top of the page.  The newest information bubbles to the top such that you can see the latest information first.

You can also use the class pull-down from the top menu if there’s a class of interest that I cover which will show each class with the newest post at the top.  I’ve been trying to keep up with my main classes, Captain, Warden, Minstrel, and Champion, and Psychobabble has been doing a great job keeping things updated on the Lore-Master.  I’ve also posted, but not commented on nearly as much, the Guardian and Burglar diaries.  You can also filter using the Developer Diaries tag on my site if that’s easier.

The posts I put up on the armor sets are quite popular, so you can check out the images or the stats if you want to hop directly there.

CSTM put up a nice summary of what’s included in the expansion if you’re trying to figure out the value.

Another CSTM post by Alphaman has a good description of what information was released at PAX.  Be warned, (there’s also a big warning on the post) there are spoilers of the epic story-line in that post if you want to save parts for live.

Luckily, the good folks over at the KhazadGuard already put together an awesome summary which has a TON of good links and information in it including many of the new items and crafting information.  Make sure to check out this link for all the goodies.

There’s an AMAZINGLY detailed breakout of all the changes with Isengard found over on the Rangers of Eriador Kinship forums.  Pretty impressive with LOTS of details for those interested.

There’s a REALLY good post up on the Warden Forums that has the collection of all the new toys and goodies the Warden gets coming with Isengard.  Thanks to Jacob for finding the specific links for traits and the skill tooltips.

Another good forum post on the Minstrel class shows everything that’s changed, including lots of pictures.

Althelious the Champion has also posted a video showing some of the new toys Champions get, primary on the tanking side of things.

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