With all the news coming out for LOTRO, it has been very hard for me to keep up with the other big game I’m tracking – The Secret World.  However, there are a ton of things that have been going on.

Before getting to the news, I wanted to post a couple of great resources I’ve found that really helped me get caught up on what’s going on.

The first item I wanted to touch on was the pricing information they released last week and was brought up again at PAX.  According to Tarib (Senior Community Manager) on the forums, they will be going with a pseudo-hybrid model (my words, not his).  Essentially what this means is they’re launching with a subscription model with a cash shop that will focus on “convenience item and character customization.”  I was really hoping that with the success Age of Conan has been having, they might’ve leaned more towards a F2P model but I’m not surprised by this.  In all honesty, I think any game that launches now without a cosmetic cash shop is leaving money on the table as MMO players have over and over again proven they’re willing to pay money for what they think is cool looking stuff.  Now, the concern for me is on the “convenience” items as you start to bleed into the Pay-to-win area.  Turbine initially had a very similar mind-set when the game launched, but there are some borderline items they’ve put in there.  I’m not saying Funcom won’t get it right, it is just a concern.

Also at PAX is the new trailer which I have to admit is pretty darn cool!  I don’t think there’s much new but a sweet combination of all the pieces we’ve seen. (Try this link if the embedded player below gives you problems.)


There’s also been a ton of things with the delayed beta event but in all honesty I’m still trying to catch up on that stuff.  I feel for the group in trying to do something really cool but I applaud them for their responses and trying to keep the community up to speed on what was going on.  I’ll put up another post on that event specifically, but wanted to get out my thoughts on the other items from late last week.