After quite the interesting event (or non-event) to start off the weekend, Funcom came out this afternoon to announce that the first phase of Beta ACCESS (not beta itself) for The Secret World is kicking off.

Head over to The Secret War page and pick your side.  One caveat is that for this phase you must link it to your Facebook account.  Now I looked over what they’re sharing, and nothing weird jumped out at me, but then again I don’t use Facebook for much at all :) so you might want to read that a little more if you’re concerned about stuff like that.  I also suggest checking out the FAQ as there’s some good info in there:

  • Facebook is required as Phase two will be all about social networking
  • these phases aren’t necessarily tied to Beta access but you improve your chances
  • If you’ve already registered by taking the test previously you’re automatically entered, but re-registering gets you into the social aspects of The Secret World event.

All I can say about this game is that I’m really excited (and admittedly intimidated a bit) by the real world interactions possible.  The whole linking with Twitter and Facebook brings in all sorts of nifty ideas and I’m very excited to see where they take us.  Granted, this could be a colossal failure but at least they’re trying some new things.


I signed up on the Templars side and have been chatting about it on twitter with others and I seem to be quite in the minority – anyone out there willing to back me up?

Oh, and as an aside – anyone know where to find verification in Facebook that you’re connected to any of this stuff?